Nantume is an artist and curator based in Uganda. She creates art works that trigger controversy and curate exhibitions based on themes and concepts that are meant to disrupt existing paradigms about a wide range of subjects, but which also encourage alternative ways of perception.
She is a co-director of both Kampala Art Auction Ltd and UNDER GROUND
Contemporary Art Space. Some of the exhibitions she has curated include the Eroticism and Intimacy II at the 2016 FNB Johannesburg Art Fair, Zikunta (Gales of Humans) by Wasswa Donald currently showing at Under Ground Contemporary Art; Heart of Darkness, a photography exhibition by Congolese photographer Christian Tundula; Cast a Light on Prejudice, a photography exhibition by Papa Shabani; and Together We Can, an installation by Helen Nabukenya.
Nantume co-curated Eroticism and Intimacy I: Faces, Places and Paths, an exhibition that explored the debate around gender and sexuality and how they relate to the body.

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