FIFAfrica22 Code of Conduct56.2 KiB38
Analysis of Uganda Computer Misuse (Amendment) Bill 202256.3 KiB256
Digital Authoritarianism And Democratic Participation In Africa Brief853.4 KiB337
Disinformation In Kenya's Political Sphere- Actors, Pathways And Effects15.4 MiB472
COVID-19 Data Governance In Kenya3.2 MiB310
Data Governance Regulation In Tanzania- Gaps, Challenges And Opportunities1.3 MiB550
Ecosystem Approach To Digital Identification Enrolment- Assessing The Opportunities And Risks In Nigeria Report2.4 MiB432
Disinformation Pathways And Effects- Case Studies From Five African Countries Report1.7 MiB1419
CIPESA Submission To The ACHPR Ratification Of The Protocol On The Rights Of Persons With Disabilities In Africa99.5 KiB171
Data Governance And Public Trust- Exploring The Sources Of Low Trust Levels In Public Data Controllers In Ghana Report1.7 MiB498
COVID-19 And Data Rights In Uganda Report1.9 MiB550
Privacy Imperilled: Analysis Of Surveillance, Encryption And Data Localisation Laws In Africa2.8 MiB725
Survey on Internet Freedom and the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) in Africa665.0 KiB163
Input for OHCHR report on the application of the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights to The Activities of Technology Companies89.7 KiB214
Digital Taxation in Uganda A Hinderance to Access and Use of ICTS1.2 MiB303
Presentations: Regional Exchange on Internet Universality Indicators5.7 MiB254
How Online Narratives Played Out on Twitter Before, During and After the 2021 Uganda Elections 56.3 KiB224
Agenda: Regional Exchange on The Internet Universality Indicators (IUIs)4.2 MiB239
Towards An Accessible And Affordable Internet In Africa1.2 MiB1228
Policy Brief: Sudan’s Bad Laws, Internet Censorship and Repressed Civil Liberties539.3 KiB1431
Analysis of The South Sudan Cyber Crimes and Computer Misuse Provisional Order504.7 KiB844
Mapping and Analysis of Privacy Laws in Africa1.2 MiB2053
Advancing Digital Inclusion For Persons With Disabilities In Africa2.4 MiB436
How African Governments Undermine The Use Of Encryption1.3 MiB2265
CIPESA Annual Report 20203.3 MiB286
CIPESA Annual Report 20192.9 MiB168
Evaluation Of OpenNet Africa January 20201.5 MiB213
Analysis of proposed Amendments to Tanzania's Online Content Regulations 2021 3.6 MiB1277
State of Internet Freedom in Africa 2021 Report1.2 MiB5265
FIFAfrica21 Code Of Conduct 606.9 KiB402
Lesotho: SIM and Device Registration Pose Major Threats to Data Protection and Privacy2.3 MiB363
Online Privacy at Stake in Lesotho with the Adoption of the Compliance Monitoring and Revenue Assurance Regulations, 20213.0 MiB346
What Civic Technologies Are Being Used To Aid The Fight Against COVID-19 In Africa?2.0 MiB464
Advancing Strategic Litigation on Internet Shutdowns cases in Africa: Promises and Pitfalls4.6 MiB982
The Role of The Internet in Fueling the Growth of Human Trafficking in the Gambia3.8 MiB1266
Le Rôle De ’Internet Dans La Croissance De La Traite Des Êtres Humains En République Démocratique Du Congo3.9 MiB1029
Le Rôle D’internet Dans La Croissance De La Traite Des Êtres Humains En Mauritanie2.9 MiB600
Communications Capacity and Training Needs Assessment of African Digital Rights Organisations428.4 KiB524
Perceived Myths That Have Led to Calls for OTT Taxes vs Truths: Misunderstanding the Internet Value Chain1.7 MiB393
ICT Sector Taxes: Best Practice Principles for Taxation3.8 MiB576
Navigating Internet Freedom Challenges in East and Southern Africa695.9 KiB437
Mapping and Analysis of Privacy Laws and Policies in Africa2.5 MiB2197
Digital Rights in Zimbabwe: 2021 UPR Submission501.1 KiB3165
Digital Rights in South Sudan: 2021 UPR Submission253.7 KiB933
Digital Rights in Uganda: 2021 UPR Submission524.0 KiB812
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