Communications Capacity and Training Needs Assessment of African Digital Rights Organisation428.4 KiB26
Perceived Myths That Have Led to Calls for OTT Taxes vs Truths: Misunderstanding the Internet Value Chain1.7 MiB27
ICT Sector Taxes: Best Practice Principles for Taxation3.8 MiB20
Navigating Internet Freedom Challenges in East and Southern Africa695.9 KiB63
Mapping and Analysis of Privacy Laws and Policies in Africa2.5 MiB234
Digital Rights in Zimbabwe: 2021 UPR Submission501.1 KiB68
Digital Rights in South Sudan: 2021 UPR Submission253.7 KiB102
Digital Rights in Uganda: 2021 UPR Submission524.0 KiB45
Impact of Digital Taxation Workshop2.5 MiB337
Insights into Zambia's Data Protection Act 20211.4 MiB262
Uganda Communication Tribunal Regulations Fall Short of Constituting an Impartial Arbiter1.0 MiB200
Implications of Zambia’s Cyber Security and Cyber Crimes Act 2021 on Digital Rights2.2 MiB254
Analysis of the Malawi Draft Data Protection Bill 20211.3 MiB116
Africa Roundtable on Digital Inclusion1.5 MiB338
Submissions On Proposed Amendments To The ICT Act Of Mauritius214.5 KiB510
Submission To The 38th Session Of The Universal Periodic Review- Tanzania280.1 KiB512
CIPESA Annual Report 20183.7 MiB238
CIPESA Annual Report 2016 3.9 MiB235
CIPESA Annual Report 2017 2.2 MiB176
Submission To The 38the Session Of The Universal Periodic Review, Mozambique5.9 MiB704
Submission To The 38th Session Of The Universal Periodic Review, Sierra Leone1.1 MiB550
Submission To The 38th Session Of The Universal Periodic Review, Namibia445.4 KiB877
How Telecom Companies In Africa Can Respond Better To Internet Disruptions782.3 KiB553
Why Access To Information Is Essential For Democratic Elections In Africa.1.6 MiB178
Assessing The Barriers To Accessing ICT By Persons With Disabilities In Tanzania2.3 MiB468
Assessing The Barriers To Accessing ICT By People With Disabilities In Uganda1.4 MiB536
Assessing The Barriers To Accessing ICT By Persons With Disabilities In Kenya1.5 MiB877
How the COVID-19 Fight Has Hurt Digital Rights in East Africa1.2 MiB477
Building An Enabling Environment For Inclusive Digital Transformation In Africa Roadmap To Reform732.6 KiB426
Letter-to-African-Union-Commission-on-Persons-With-Disability67.2 KiB142
Joint-Letter-to-David-Kaye Use-of-cybercrimes-legislation-to-restrict-fundamental-rights-and-freedoms-in-Kenya-and-Nigeria379.2 KiB121
Letter-to-African-Telecommunications-Union-ATU-on-Persons-With-Disability73.2 KiB148
Access-Denied-How-Telecom-Operators-in-Africa-Are-Failing-Persons-With-Disabilities2.3 MiB281
Uganda Draft Data Protection and Privacy Regulations 202011.9 MiB476
Media-Regulation-and-Practice-in-Uganda-Handbook8.8 MiB536
Joint-Letter-to-Commisioner-Lawrence-Mute Use-of-cybercrimes-legislation-to-restrict-fundamental-rights-and-freedoms-in-Kenya-and-Nigeria379.5 KiB122
Letter-to-East-African-Communications-Organisation-EACO-on-Persons-with-Disability69.7 KiB148
Joint-CSO-Letter-to-UN-and-AC-Special-Rapporteurs-on-the-arrest-and-detention-of-Tanzanian-Human-Rights-Defender-Tito-Elia-Magoti168.1 KiB133
Privacy-and-Data-Protection-in-the-Digital-Era2.9 MiB201
ADRF-Application-Template July-2020180.9 KiB206
Unnamed-file 2119.5 KiB165
Ugandas-social-media-tax-nigerias-election-and-zimbabwes-network-disruption-2927721129.8 KiB153
State-of-Internet-Freedom-in-Cameroon-2019676.4 KiB153
State-of-Internet-Freedom-in-Senegal-2019637.2 KiB172
State-of-Internet-Freedom-in-Ethiopia-20192.5 MiB381
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