Co-host for #FIFAfrica19 Announced, Draft Agenda, Travel Support Application Feedback, Travel Logistics Notice78.4 KiB95
Freedom of Expression on the Internet in Senegal (Recherche sur la liberté d’expression sur Internet au Sénégal) 746.3 KiB104
Highs and Lows of Uganda's Data Protection and Privacy Act2.1 MiB76
ICT4Democracy in East Africa Evaluation Report 2019641.0 KiB321
Ethiopia: Privacy and Personal Data Protection 2018 2.3 MiB449
Malawi: Privacy and Personal Data Protection 2018 1.4 MiB358
The Shrinking Civic Space in East Africa6.9 MiB528
Open letter on Tanzania at the Human Rights Council’s 41st session144.8 KiB412
WPFD 2019 Programme 3 May 2019415.5 KiB439
Africa Digital Rights Fund2.7 MiB1941
Key Issues and Recommendations: Digital Space and the Protection of Freedoms of Association and Peaceful Assembly in Africa231.6 KiB401
UN Consultation: Digital Space and the Protection of Freedoms of Association and Peaceful Assembly in Africa183.2 KiB242
SENEGAL: Session 31 de l'EPU Document d'information sur la défense des droits numériques834.4 KiB370
ETHIOPIA: Universal Periodic Review (UPR) Session 33 Digital Rights Advocacy Briefing Document773.0 KiB343
SENEGAL: UPR Session 31 Digital Rights Advocacy Briefing Document814.7 KiB390
Digital Rights in The Gambia: Universal Periodic Review (UPR) Submission 2019407.4 KiB337
Digital Space and the Protection of Freedoms of Association and Peaceful Assembly in Africa231.6 KiB218
Ethiopia: Universal Periodic Review for Session 331.5 MiB169
Digital Rights In Africa- Challenges And Policy Options3.3 MiB646
CIPESA Newsletter | February - March 2019109.5 KiB320
Dictateurs et restrictions: cinq dimensions des coupures d’Internet en Afrique8.9 MiB735
Despots and Disruptions: Five Dimensions of Internet Shutdowns in Africa4.8 MiB4751
CIPESA Newsletter | January - February 2019102.4 KiB393
CIPESA Comments on ICT Access for PWD in Uganda819.8 KiB334
Stakeholder Engagement And Capacity Building On The State Of Internet Freedom In Zambia253.6 KiB196
Request for EOI for an Evaluation Consultant - ICT4Democracy in East Africa205.6 KiB718
State of Internet Freedom in Africa 20182.7 MiB3512
UNESCO Session at the Forum on Internet Freedom in Africa 2018 – Accra, Ghana451.1 KiB434
FINAL #FIFAfrica18 Agenda2.6 MiB2052
Addressing Uganda's Transparency and Accountability Challenges10.1 MiB396
Uganda Government Should Take a Different Path to Social Media and Mobile Money Taxation 475.6 KiB391
The Reforms Ethiopia Needs to Advance Internet Freedom 2.6 MiB744
Challenges and Prospects of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Africa1.7 MiB890
Presentation: Impact of Uganda's Social Media Taxes508.2 KiB394
Dialogue on Impact of Social Media & Mobile Money Taxation in Uganda209.8 KiB503
Oral Statement Delivered At The United Nations Human Rights Council106.1 KiB303
Uganda Private Sector Round Table Discussion Agenda1.1 MiB684
Research Methods Workshop Participants 20181.7 MiB616
Research Methods Workshop Faculty 20181.5 MiB574
Research Methods Curriculum 20182.6 MiB583
Call For Proposals: Mapping and Making Available Evidence-Based Research for Internet Policies in Africa 382.9 KiB643
CIPESA Comments On the Uganda Data Protection And Privacy Bill, 2015 562.1 KiB1914
Uchambuzi wa Taratibu za Mawasiliano ya Kielektroniki na Posta (Mtandaoni) za Tanzania104.9 KiB2166
Evolution of the Forum on Internet Freedom in Africa (FIFAfrica)1.1 MiB1033
Rapport alternatif sur l'état de la liberté d'expression en ligne au Rwanda588.6 KiB513