arthur-gwagwa-advocateArthur is a dually qualified lawyer in Zimbabwe where he is registered as an advocate of the Supreme Court, and as a solicitor in England and Wales.
He is currently an “Information Controls” fellow with the Open Technology Fund, working from Strathmore University in Kenya. His project aims to document, and compare information controls and impacts across countries and regions, with a focus on Djibouti, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Swaziland. It also examines the aspect of norms and technological diffusion from major authoritarian states such as Iran, China and Russia to the countries of study.
Arthur also has a strong background in human rights and refugee law. Over the past four years, he has worked to inform and shape policy reforms of states laws and practices relating to internet governance, but also issues in which the Internet is central like cybersecurity, Internet governance, privacy, and surveillance.

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