arsene-tungali-online-activistArsene Tungali has been working and collaborating for the past 5 years on projects related to Internet governance, child online protection, and women’s participation in ICT. He has been involved with CIPESA’s OpenNet Africa initiative documenting violations and digital security training in his country, the Democratic Republic of Congo.
He is a well known Congolese online activist based in Goma (Eastern DRC), followed for his regular posts on social media and blogs on politics, social life and everything related to human rights offline or online.
Arsene has attended and contributed either as a participant or a speaker at a number of UN’s annual Internet Governance Forum (IGF) including as an Internet Society Ambassador (in 2015) on regional and international levels; has attended ICANN meetings as an ICANN Fellow and a number of other ICT-related events in Africa and worldwide.
He is Co-founder and Executive Director of Rudi International, which, among others, works to bring ICT-related debates close to the youth in Congo and is currently serving as Co-Coordinator of the Civil Society Internet Governance Caucus (IGC).

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