The Collaboration on International ICT Policy for East and Southern Africa (CIPESA), under the OpenNet Africa initiative, is proud to announce the upcoming Forum on Internet Freedoms in East Africa. The two-day Forum is scheduled for  28 – 29 September 2015,  in Kampala, Uganda, to coincide with the International Right to Know Day.
During the Forum, we’ll discuss the current state of internet freedoms in Africa, including threats, emerging issues, and opportunities for action to promote access, privacy and security online. The Forum brings together human rights defenders, journalists, government officials, academia, bloggers, developers, the arts community, law enforcement agencies and communication regulators, all of whom have a role to play in advancing the rights of citizens to privacy and freedom of expression in the online sphere. At the inaugural 2014 forum, we hosted 85 participants from Burundi, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Uganda.
Visit the Forum page for more information and application form.

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