FIFAfrica19 |
The digital economy, including cross-border services, digital trade, and electronic commerce (eCommerce), contributes to democratic and economic development by expanding market access for local businesses, promoting inclusive trade, creating jobs, and expanding tax revenue for governments to provide essential services. As the scope of digital innovation expands around the continent, so must national and regional priorities and policies align to facilitate greater competitiveness, inclusiveness all while respecting online freedoms and digital rights.
This panel discussion will feature key insights on priority policies and initiatives gleaned from the FIFAfrica pre-event hosted by the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE). On September 24, CIPE will host a policy roundtable with public, private, and civil society stakeholders from across the continent to discuss regional opportunities for inclusive economic and entrepreneurial development in an increasingly digital future. Topics from the policy roundtable include: data flows and privacy, eCommerce and eTrade, e-payments and financial inclusion, and the future of entrepreneurship.
Following FIFAfrica, proposed initiatives and policies identified in the policy roundtable discussions and in this panel will be shared with the digital rights community and the public.
Moderator: Louisa Tomar, Global Program Officer, CIPE

  • Peter Mwencha | Africa eTrade Group, Kenya
  • Representative | CIPESA
  • Grace Githaiga | KICTANet, Kenya
  • Representative | MINT, Ethiopia

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