wisdom-donkor-it-manager-at-ghana-national-information-technology-agencyWisdom works with the Ghana National Information Technology Agency (NITA), and specializes in E-government and infrastructure, Internet Governance and Open Government Data initiative and policies.  He holds the position of IT Manager and is the Technical Lead person for Ghana Open Data Initiative Project. He was the past Vice General Secretary of the Internet Society Ghana Chapter and currently the National Secretariat Manager of the Information Technology Association of Ghana (ITAG). He is currently a member of the UN IGF Multi-stakeholder Advisory Group (IGF MAG), and a Member of the Ghana IGF Planning Committee.
In addition, Wisdom has been associated with ICANN as Fellow and coach (mentor) since ICANN 49 (Singapore) and remains active through contributing to the ICANN New gtLD working group and the ICANN Cross Community working group (CCWG). Additional community working groups he contributes to entail issues of internet governance and Open Government Data at both local and global level including the NCSG, Open Government Data, IGF MAG working groups, World Bank Open Data Working Group, Internet Society (ISOC), Diplo Foundation, Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN), Ghana IGF Steering Committee, Linux Accra User Group.

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