The generation of insights that are easily accessible by a wider array of readers is at the core of our policy analysis. The interrogation of emerging policy shifts and trends, legal frameworks and the advocacy for improved policy complemented by actionable recommendation are key pillars of this work.

The goal of our policy work and resultant interventions is to inform, spark debate and curate the path that effective and inclusive ICT policy in Africa should follow.

Below are some outcomes of Our Research & Policy Analysis
  • We tracked the impact of Covid-19 on digital rights through a series of indepth reports. See our Covid-19 and digital rights tracker here.
  • Some of our policy work supported the need for an Africa-centric digital rights framework and saw us contributing towards the development of the African Declaration on Internet Rights and Freedoms.
  • The Cost of Internet Shutdows Tool (COST): The tool was developed using methodologies from our Economic Impact of Internet Shutdowns in Sub-Saharan Africa and another by the Brookings Institution to estimate the economic cost of internet shutdowns, mobile data blackouts and social media restrictions.
  • We have also contributed policy commentary and recommendation on issues such as data protection, and access to information to a range of national and regional bodies including at the African Union, the Universal Periodic Review of the United Nations and to global entities such as the UNESCO, the UN World Summit on the Information Society and the special rapporteurs on digital rights related topics.
See our library of research and policy analysis