Internet Governance

Since 2004, CIPESA has been involved in research, advocacy, and awareness‐raising about the key internet governance issues and their impact on access, affordability, development, safety and security, as well as prudent management of the internet. CIPESA was critical in informing, mobilising and facilitating participation of civil society groups and the media, as well as lobbying policy makers and regulators, during the processes of the UN World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS).
In the post-WSIS period, CIPESA has, with various partners, organised annual Internet Governance Forums (IGFs) locally and for East African states, while also remaining an active player in the global IGFs. Since 2008, CIPESA has convened the Uganda Internet Governance Forum, a process (and activities) bringing together internet stakeholders to deliberate on Internet Governance matters in the country. CIPESA is an active partner in the East African Internet Governance Forum (EA‐IGF) –, which brings together multiple government, media, private sector, and academic stakeholders. In 2010, CIPESA hosted the 3rd EAIGF in Kampala, Uganda, drawing hundreds of participants from the African and global internet community. While maintaining a keen role in researching and advocating internet governance issues that are of concern to Africa, CIPESA has started a separate but related campaign to promote internet freedoms.