Abdul Busuulwa – PhD

– Board Member

Dr. Abdul Busuulwa is the Executive Director of CBR Africa Network (CAN), a non-governmental organisation that facilitates information sharing on disability, community-based rehabilitation and inclusive development within Africa and across the world. He holds a Bachelors of Arts with Mass Communication, a Post-Grad Diploma in Community Based Rehabilitation, a Masters of Management Studies, and a PhD in Accessible ICTs for Persons with Visual Disabilities. He has close to 20 years of experience in social development work including capacity building for organisations, human rights advocacy for persons with disabilities, and project management. He has also done consultancies at local and international levels in research, training and strategic planning. He is also a member of the National Population Council of Uganda and a Board member at Sense International – Uganda. Previously he was a Programme Manager at East Africa Centre for Disability Law and Policy and a Project Officer with National Union of Disabled Persons of Uganda and Uganda National Association of the Blind