Much of the work we do at CIPESA is geared towards informing inclusive and effective policies related to digital access, use and perception. We endeavour to do work that shapes the policies, standards and  practices that govern cyberspace in Africa. Since inception,  internet governance concerns have been integrated in our research, advocacy, and activities including their impact on access, affordability, development, safety and security, as well as the multi-stakeholder approach towards the management of the internet.

In its early days, CIPESA was critical in informing, mobilising and facilitating participation of civil society groups and the media, as well as lobbying policy makers and regulators, during the processes of the UN World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS).

What we do to Promote Informed Internet Governance Structures
  • We monitor and report on policy shifts
  • Host multi-stakeholder convening and dialogues on policy at national and regional levels
  • We develop content aimed at increasing awareness and providing guidance in shaping intelligent governance in Africa and beyond
  • We summate these activities at our annual Forum on Internet Freedom in Africa
  • We also carry the insights from these activities to national, regional and global fora