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  Our Work on Surveillance Concerns In Africa
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CIPESA research has found that the expansion in state surveillance in various African countries is denying citizens their rights to freedom of expression, association and assembly, and undermining their participation in democratic processes.

  Vendor Questionnaire
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Vendor Questionnaire

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  CIPESA Strategic Plan 2023 - 2027
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Our work continues to respond to a shortage of information, resources and actors consistently working at the nexus of technology, human rights and society.

  The Africa Digital Rights Fund Guidelines January 2024
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The funds will be accessible to organisations and coalitions working on tech accountability, aligned to one or more of the funding priorities

  ADRF Round 8 Application Template
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ADRF Round 8 Application Template

  ADRF Round 8 Budget Template
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ADRF Round 8 Budget Template

  Digital Rights Hub Statement - 2023
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Statement from the inaugural meeting of the Digital Rights Hub of African Civil Society Organisations. Protect Digital Civic Space for the Enjoyment of Civil Rights, Liberties and Freedoms in Africa

  Terms of Reference: Consultant to Develop CIPESA Monitoring and Evaluation System
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CIPESA is searching for a Monitoring and Evaluation specialist to provide urgent consulting services related to updating and developing M&E tools and offering training to CIPESA staff.

  2023 Terms of Reference for Informational Guide on Digital Security for Financial Transactions of CSOs
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Informational Guide on Digital Security for Financial Transactions of CSOs: Call for Consultant.