CIPESAFOCUS Newsletter September 2011446.9 KiB786
CIPESA Open Gov Paper399.3 KiB1477
CIPESA Open Gov Paper399.3 KiB1487
CIPESA Open Gov Paper399.3 KiB1470
CIPESA Brief - A Peek Into East Africa ICT Budget Allocations And Priorties Brief193.4 KiB1364
Intermediary Liability In Uganda180.9 KiB1481
CIPESA In 2013, A Snapshot4.6 MiB1003
CIPESA KAPS Infograph Final779.4 KiB495
Brief African Social Media Requests Sept 2013756.7 KiB1658
About CIPESA Projects And Activities 20144.6 MiB844
How Recently Enacted Laws Undermine Ugandan Citizens' Rights538.8 KiB1851
Forum on Internet Freedoms in East Africa_Agenda171.4 KiB1583
Training Dialogue On Access To Information Act, 2005 And Ask Your Government Portal450.0 KiB1018
CIPESA Formal Submissions On The Draft Data Protection And Privacy Bill February 09600.9 KiB1735
Reflections On Uganda’s Draft Data Protection And Privacy Bill February 2014(2)325.1 KiB2799
Update On The State Of Internet Freedom In Burundi June 2015435.1 KiB1399
Hunting Down Social Media 'Abusers' In Uganda As Elections Near444.2 KiB2449
ICT4Democracy In East Africa Network ToR For Evaluation November 2015206.9 KiB2215
Forum on Internet Freedom in East Africa 2015: Programme4.2 MiB3912
The State Of Right To Information In East Africa553.5 KiB1617

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