ICT Sector Taxes: Best Practice Principles for Taxation3.8 MiB524
Le Rôle De ’Internet Dans La Croissance De La Traite Des Êtres Humains En République Démocratique Du Congo3.9 MiB937
CIPESA Annual Report 2016 3.9 MiB508
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Forum On Internet Freedom in Africa 2016: Draft Agenda4.0 MiB247
Analysis of Twitter Activity on Election Eve and Election Day in Uganda 20164.1 MiB4433
State of Internet Freedoms in South Africa 20144.2 MiB3578
Forum on Internet Freedom in East Africa 2015: Programme4.2 MiB6558
Agenda: Regional Exchange on The Internet Universality Indicators (IUIs)4.2 MiB211
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The Right To Information In Tanzania - Insights On The Laws Policies And Practices4.3 MiB12901
State of Internet Freedoms in Burundi 20144.6 MiB2523
Advancing Strategic Litigation on Internet Shutdowns cases in Africa: Promises and Pitfalls4.6 MiB887
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CIPESA In 2013, A Snapshot4.6 MiB2038
State of Internet Freedoms in Rwanda 20144.6 MiB6313
Despots and Disruptions: Five Dimensions of Internet Shutdowns in Africa4.8 MiB12511
State of Internet Freedom in Tanzania 20165.0 MiB4460
Presentations: Regional Exchange on Internet Universality Indicators5.7 MiB223
State Of Internet Freedom In Africa 20195.7 MiB10944
Submission To The 38the Session Of The Universal Periodic Review, Mozambique5.9 MiB1438
The Shrinking Civic Space in East Africa6.9 MiB2811
State of Internet Freedom in Zimbabwe 20167.0 MiB6553
Media-Regulation-and-Practice-in-Uganda-Handbook8.8 MiB2217
Dictateurs et restrictions: cinq dimensions des coupures d’Internet en Afrique8.9 MiB2127
Comparative Analysis of Access to Information Legislation in East Africa June 20179.8 MiB3715
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