The Right To Privacy In Uganda - Stakeholder Report Universal Periodic Review 2015181.9 KiB8062
The Role of The Internet in Fueling the Growth of Human Trafficking in the Gambia3.8 MiB1163
Towards An Accessible And Affordable Internet In Africa1.2 MiB1008
Training Dialogue On Access To Information Act, 2005 And Ask Your Government Portal450.0 KiB1608
Workshop Report: Right To Information Training for Women's Rights Organisations549.9 KiB1832
Uchambuzi wa Taratibu za Mawasiliano ya Kielektroniki na Posta (Mtandaoni) za Tanzania104.9 KiB8537
Uganda Internet Governance Forum 2013 Report447.5 KiB2015
Uganda-A-Digital-Rights-View-of-the-January-2021-General-Elections1.3 MiB468
Uganda Communication Tribunal Regulations Fall Short of Constituting an Impartial Arbiter1.0 MiB573
Uganda Draft Data Protection and Privacy Regulations 202011.9 MiB1175
Legal and Regulatory Framework Affecting CSO's Online and Offline Activities in Uganda1.8 MiB1368
Uganda Public Officials' Perceptions of Using ICT to Advance the Right to Information 2.3 MiB2485
CIPESA Newsletter | February - March 2019109.5 KiB1051
Ugandas-social-media-tax-nigerias-election-and-zimbabwes-network-disruption-2927721129.8 KiB258
Co-host for #FIFAfrica19 Announced, Draft Agenda, Travel Support Application Feedback, Travel Logistics Notice78.4 KiB882
UIGF 2011 Online Discussions164.0 KiB1368
UIGF 2011 Online Discussions164.0 KiB1431
UN Consultation: Digital Space and the Protection of Freedoms of Association and Peaceful Assembly in Africa183.2 KiB931
Forum on Internet Freedom in East Africa 2015: UNESCO Presentation526.5 KiB1634
UNESCO Session at the Forum on Internet Freedom in Africa 2018 – Accra, Ghana451.1 KiB992
CIPESA Newsletter | March - July 2020114.7 KiB333
Unnamed-file 2119.5 KiB295
Update On The State Of Internet Freedom In Burundi June 2015435.1 KiB3632
NIGERIA: Universal Periodic Review (UPR) Session 31 Digital Rights Advocacy Briefing Document 795.4 KiB989
Ethiopia: Universal Periodic Review for Session 331.5 MiB515
NIGERIA: UPRoar Briefing Document244.2 KiB1052
What Kind Of Internet Do You Want66.4 KiB1231
What Civic Technologies Are Being Used To Aid The Fight Against COVID-19 In Africa?2.0 MiB426
Why Access To Information Is Essential For Democratic Elections In Africa.1.6 MiB819
Why-Access-to-Information-is-Essential-for-Democratic-Elections-in-Africa1.6 MiB296
WomenAtWebUg In-search-of-safe-spaces-online10.6 MiB498
Workshop Report: Uganda Journalists and the Right To Information492.8 KiB1398
WPFD 2019 Programme 3 May 2019415.5 KiB820