Call for Proposals - Policy Analysis: Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda50.6 KiB1101
Call For Proposals - Policy Analysis50.6 KiB1120
What Kind Of Internet Do You Want66.4 KiB925
The Right to Privacy in the United Republic of Tanzania - Stakeholder Report Universal Periodic Review 201568.6 KiB2137
Summary Report on the State of Freedom of Expression in Rwanda75.2 KiB428
Co-host for #FIFAfrica19 Announced, Draft Agenda, Travel Support Application Feedback, Travel Logistics Notice78.4 KiB280
Internet Rights In Uganda- Challenges And Prospects Workshop Report100.3 KiB3527
CIPESA Newsletter | January - February 2019102.4 KiB409
Uchambuzi wa Taratibu za Mawasiliano ya Kielektroniki na Posta (Mtandaoni) za Tanzania104.9 KiB2302
Oral Statement Delivered At The United Nations Human Rights Council106.1 KiB315
NIGF Programme 2011108.2 KiB720
Agenda: Launch of Ask Your Government Uganda Portal108.7 KiB1166
CIPESA Newsletter | February - March 2019109.5 KiB342
Policy Brief: Analysis of Tanzania’s Electronic and Postal Communications (Online Content) Regulations 2017110.0 KiB2244
Final Statement Of The Pan African CS Workshop On Who Controls The Internet 02082012133.8 KiB1169
Open letter on Tanzania at the Human Rights Council’s 41st session144.8 KiB439
Open Development Press Statement154.5 KiB1196
UIGF 2011 Online Discussions164.0 KiB1073
UIGF 2011 Online Discussions164.0 KiB1088
2012 National IGF Report170.8 KiB1298
Forum on Internet Freedoms in East Africa_Agenda171.4 KiB2158
Intermediary Liability In Uganda180.9 KiB1666
The Right To Privacy In Uganda - Stakeholder Report Universal Periodic Review 2015181.9 KiB4687
UN Consultation: Digital Space and the Protection of Freedoms of Association and Peaceful Assembly in Africa183.2 KiB260
Online Discussions On Promoting Internet Freedoms In Africa192.3 KiB1338
CIPESA Brief - A Peek Into East Africa ICT Budget Allocations And Priorties Brief193.4 KiB1524
OGD Uganda CitizensPerceptions194.9 KiB1681
CIPESAFOCUS March 2007195.6 KiB778
Request for EOI for an Evaluation Consultant - ICT4Democracy in East Africa205.6 KiB737
ICT4Democracy In East Africa Network ToR For Evaluation November 2015206.9 KiB2439
Dialogue on Impact of Social Media & Mobile Money Taxation in Uganda209.8 KiB531
Analysis of the Relationship Between Online Information Controls and Elections in Zambia220.0 KiB1333
Digital Space and the Protection of Freedoms of Association and Peaceful Assembly in Africa231.6 KiB230
Key Issues and Recommendations: Digital Space and the Protection of Freedoms of Association and Peaceful Assembly in Africa231.6 KiB438
Women's Rights and the Internet in Uganda: Stakeholder Report Universal Periodic Review 26th Session (2016)243.3 KiB2096
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Stakeholder Engagement And Capacity Building On The State Of Internet Freedom In Zambia253.6 KiB206
Forum on Internet Freedom in Africa 2016 Travel Logistics Note276.7 KiB1353
In-Search-of-Local-Knowledge-on-ICTs-in-Africa2298.5 KiB1779
Reflections On Uganda’s Draft Data Protection And Privacy Bill February 2014(2)325.1 KiB3484
Call For Proposals: Mapping and Making Available Evidence-Based Research for Internet Policies in Africa 382.9 KiB661
Overview: State of Internet Freedom in Africa 2017387.5 KiB716
CIPESA Open Gov Paper399.3 KiB1597
CIPESA Open Gov Paper399.3 KiB1641