2011 ICT4Democracy in East Africa Network Grid2.0 MiB718
2012 National IGF Report170.8 KiB1218
State of Internet Freedom in Africa 2016 Report829.9 KiB10045
A Year Of ICT4Democracy In East Africa1.1 MiB933
A Year In Review: ICT4Democracy In East Africa Network Activities1.2 MiB4866
A Year In Review 2015: ICT4Democracy In East Africa2.2 MiB2852
About CIPESA Projects And Activities 20144.6 MiB1378
Addressing Uganda's Transparency and Accountability Challenges10.1 MiB282
Forum on Internet Freedom in East Africa 2015: Programme4.2 MiB4725
Policy Brief: Analysis of Tanzania’s Electronic and Postal Communications (Online Content) Regulations 2017110.0 KiB1964
Analysis of the Relationship Between Online Information Controls and Elections in Zambia220.0 KiB1220
Analysis of Twitter Activity on Election Eve and Election Day in Uganda 20164.1 MiB2884
CIPESA Annual Report 20152.2 MiB1117
Ask Your Government Uganda Info Sheet1.3 MiB1458
Ask Your Government Uganda User Guide1.4 MiB1010
Uganda Government Should Take a Different Path to Social Media and Mobile Money Taxation 475.6 KiB308
Brief African Social Media Requests Sept 2013756.7 KiB1880
Call for Proposals - Policy Analysis: Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda50.6 KiB1075
Call For Proposals - Policy Analysis50.6 KiB1103
call for Tech/Innovation Partnerships446.7 KiB1529
Call For Proposals: Mapping and Making Available Evidence-Based Research for Internet Policies in Africa 382.9 KiB568
Challenges and Prospects of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Africa1.7 MiB625
CIPESA Annual Report 1.7 MiB2341
CIPESA Brief - A Peek Into East Africa ICT Budget Allocations And Priorties Brief193.4 KiB1498
CIPESA Formal Submissions On The Draft Data Protection And Privacy Bill February 09600.9 KiB2012
ICT In Governance In Uganda - Policies and Practice1.1 MiB4141
ICT in Governance in Kenya – Policies and Practice883.7 KiB5463
ICT in Governance in Tanzania – Policies and Practice873.8 KiB3348
CIPESA In 2013, A Snapshot4.6 MiB1452
CIPESA Presentation Sida Thematic Seminar PreSIF May 20141.0 MiB740
CIPESA Comments On the Uganda Data Protection And Privacy Bill, 2015 562.1 KiB1439
CIPESA Comments on ICT Access for PWD in Uganda819.8 KiB240
Cipesa-icts-for-dev1.1 MiB5128
Dialogue on Impact of Social Media & Mobile Money Taxation in Uganda209.8 KiB394
CIPESAFOCUS March 2007195.6 KiB751
CIPESAFOCUS Newsletter September 2011446.9 KiB886
CIPESA KAPS Infograph Final779.4 KiB598
CIPESA Open Gov Paper399.3 KiB1588
CIPESA Open Gov Paper399.3 KiB1690
CIPESA Open Gov Paper399.3 KiB1575
CIPESA Presentation at the Launch of The State of Internet Freedoms in East Africa Research Report Launch2.1 MiB776
Citizens Perceptions Of Using ICT To Make Right To Information Requests In Uganda2.8 MiB1909
Open letter on Tanzania at the Human Rights Council’s 41st session144.8 KiB162
Cloud Computing And Ecommerce+uigf2011399.8 KiB924
Despots and Disruptions: Five Dimensions of Internet Shutdowns in Africa4.8 MiB3892