2011 ICT4Democracy in East Africa Network Grid2.0 MiB887
2012 National IGF Report170.8 KiB1723
State of Internet Freedom in Africa 2016 Report829.9 KiB15281
A Year Of ICT4Democracy In East Africa1.1 MiB1177
A-Case-Study-of-Cyber-Law-Initiative-U-Limited-and-Five-Others-versus-The-Attorney-General-of-Uganda-and-Two-Others2.3 MiB168
A-Case-Study-of-Legal-and-Human-Rights-Center-and-Two-Others-v -The-Minister-for-Information-Culture-Arts-and-Sports-the-Tanzania-Communications-Regulatory-Authority-and-the-Attorney-General2.7 MiB176
A-Case-Study-of-the-Bloggers-Association-of-Kenya-BAKE-versus-Hon -Attorney-General-Three-Others2.7 MiB133
A Year In Review: ICT4Democracy In East Africa Network Activities1.2 MiB5346
A Year In Review 2015: ICT4Democracy In East Africa2.2 MiB3913
About CIPESA Projects And Activities 20144.6 MiB1896
Access-Denied-How-Telecom-Operators-in-Africa-Are-Failing-Persons-With-Disabilities2.3 MiB438
Addressing Uganda's Transparency and Accountability Challenges10.1 MiB1256
ADRF-Application-Template July-2020180.9 KiB237
ADRF-Budget-Template July-202018.3 KiB200
Advancing Strategic Litigation on Internet Shutdowns cases in Africa: Promises and Pitfalls4.6 MiB215
Africa Roundtable on Digital Inclusion1.5 MiB427
African-Civic-Tech-and-COVID-19-Five-Emerging-Trends-Upload2.4 MiB89
Navigating Internet Freedom Challenges in East and Southern Africa695.9 KiB187
Forum on Internet Freedom in East Africa 2015: Programme4.2 MiB6104
Policy Brief: Analysis of Tanzania’s Electronic and Postal Communications (Online Content) Regulations 2017110.0 KiB4221
Analysis-of-Ethiopia%E2%80%99s-Hate-Speech-Proclamation July-20202.3 MiB235
Analysis of the Malawi Draft Data Protection Bill 20211.3 MiB225
Analysis of the Relationship Between Online Information Controls and Elections in Zambia220.0 KiB2251
Analysis of Twitter Activity on Election Eve and Election Day in Uganda 20164.1 MiB4064
CIPESA Annual Report 20152.2 MiB1349
Ask Your Government Uganda Info Sheet1.3 MiB1884
Ask Your Government Uganda User Guide1.4 MiB1585
Assessing The Barriers To Accessing ICT By People With Disabilities In Uganda1.4 MiB648
Assessing The Barriers To Accessing ICT By Persons With Disabilities In Tanzania2.3 MiB599
Assessing The Barriers To Accessing ICT By Persons With Disabilities In Kenya1.5 MiB1067
Uganda Government Should Take a Different Path to Social Media and Mobile Money Taxation 475.6 KiB977
Brief African Social Media Requests Sept 2013756.7 KiB2382
Building An Enabling Environment For Inclusive Digital Transformation In Africa Roadmap To Reform732.6 KiB551
Call for Proposals - Policy Analysis: Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda50.6 KiB1309
Call For Proposals - Policy Analysis50.6 KiB1219
Call For Case Studies – Government Information And Data Openness In Uganda47.7 KiB0
Call For Proposals: Mapping and Making Available Evidence-Based Research for Internet Policies in Africa 382.9 KiB925
call for Tech/Innovation Partnerships446.7 KiB1779
Challenges and Prospects of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Africa1.7 MiB2680
CIPESA Annual Report 1.7 MiB2587
CIPESA Brief - A Peek Into East Africa ICT Budget Allocations And Priorties Brief193.4 KiB1744
CIPESA Formal Submissions On The Draft Data Protection And Privacy Bill February 09600.9 KiB2534
ICT in Governance in Kenya – Policies and Practice883.7 KiB7795
ICT in Governance in Tanzania – Policies and Practice873.8 KiB4878
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