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  Revised Disability and ICT Accessibility Framework Indicators
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The goal of this category of indicators is to provide a framework for assessing the extent to which existing and proposed ICT policies, legislation, and regulations promote accessibility.

  Labour and Digital Rights Brief
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Africa has witnessed technological advancements that have raised optimism that data-driven digital solutions could revolutionise various sectors and transform the future of work on the continent.

  Simplified Guide on Laws that Regulate the Digital Civic Space in Uganda
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Despite the numerous benefits of digital technologies, they have their downsides. For example, these technologies have aided the proliferation of hate speech, disinformation, cyber attacks, and trolling. They may also be misused by some actors such as governments to implement repressive controls that curtail the enjoyment of human rights.

  Crypto Currency Regulation and Implications on CSOs in Uganda Policy Brief
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Although Uganda is still predominantly an Agro-based economy, various stakeholders in the economy are constantly evaluating ways through which socio-economic transactions can be simplified and concluded efficiently. Such stakeholders include banks that facilitate Agro-based accounts; the capital markets industry; those engaged in foreign exchange; as well as Investment Clubs. Various computer-generated platforms are also being utilized as part of the digital space in carrying out transactions.

  Health Data Regulation: Lessons from COVID-19 Surveillance in Kenya and Uganda
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This brief takes a look back at how personal data related to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) was collected and handled, and what lessons that experience offers for the future of health data regulation and governance. In particular, the brief reviews the experiences of Kenya and Uganda.

  How Enhanced State Surveillance is Hurting Digital Rights in Africa
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... several countries on the continent have weaponised technology against critics, opposition groups, journalists, and human rights defenders by deploying mass surveillance and interception of communications schemes that have undermined free speech and the rights to association and assembly.

  Which Way for Data Localization in Africa?
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Brief on Which Way for Data Localization in Africa.

  Five Takeaways From the 2022 African Union Data Policy Framework Brief
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Brief: Five Takeaways From the 2022 African Union Data Policy Framework

  Brief: Digital Authoritarianism and Democratic Participation in Africa
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  Disinformation in Kenyas Political Sphere Actors Pathways and Effects
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