Final Statement Of The Pan African CS Workshop On Who Controls The Internet 02082012133.8 KiB979
Citizens Perceptions Of Using ICT To Make Right To Information Requests In Uganda2.8 MiB1128
CIPESAFOCUS Newsletter September 2011446.9 KiB703
CIPESAFOCUS March 2007195.6 KiB605
CIPESA KAPS Infograph Final779.4 KiB442
CIPESA Presentation Sida Thematic Seminar PreSIF May 20141.0 MiB584
CIPESA In 2013, A Snapshot4.6 MiB730
Call For Proposals - Policy Analysis50.6 KiB981
Brief African Social Media Requests Sept 2013756.7 KiB1507
Ask Your Government Uganda User Guide1.4 MiB670
Ask Your Government Uganda Info Sheet1.3 MiB1262
About CIPESA Projects And Activities 20144.6 MiB636
A Year Of ICT4Democracy In East Africa1.1 MiB747
2012 National IGF Report170.8 KiB791
2011 ICT4Democracy in East Africa Network Grid2.0 MiB580
State of Internet Freedoms in South Africa 20144.2 MiB1379
Agenda: Launch of Ask Your Government Uganda Portal108.7 KiB863
State of Internet Freedoms in Burundi 20144.6 MiB1005
CIPESA Presentation at the Launch of The State of Internet Freedoms in East Africa Research Report Launch2.1 MiB574
Forum on Internet Freedoms in East Africa_Agenda171.4 KiB1271
State of Internet Freedoms in East Africa 20141.4 MiB11941
Call for Proposals - Policy Analysis: Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda50.6 KiB855
Report of Online Discussion on The State of Internet Freedom in Africa475.3 KiB1911
Internet Rights In Uganda- Challenges And Prospects Workshop Report100.3 KiB2180

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